VORTEX MIX - a better mix


The Vortex mixer will blend even difficult materials
over a wide range of viscosities.
They will be mixed and de-aerated reliably and consistently to a homogenous result in seconds, due to the dual-axis centrifugal movements (TECHNOLOGY).


Applications can be found within mixing and dispersing
of polyurethanes, silicones, inks, waxes, filled
polymers, epoxies
and many more in labs, for quality
as well as for batch production runs (PRODUCTS).

Come and be impressed by the vortex mixer product line at our technology centre nearby Düsseldorf!

Latest event

Visit our presentation "Zweiachsige Zentrifugalmischer und ihre Bedeutung für die Polyurethanindustrie"
at the 6th industry meeting PU Elastomere from 16-17.09.2015 at Phantasialand Brühl.


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