The Vortex Effect

The mixing container rotates with high speed
on two axes (dual-axis centrifugal mixing:
see figure top right). On the one hand the mixing
container is held at a fixed distance from a
centre axis and rotates this axis at high speed.
On the other hand the container rotates in the opposite direction on its own centre axis,
whereas the cup is angled towards the motor
axis. The resulting energy forces the material
to flow in a spiral pattern from the edge of the container to the centre of the batch (see
figure bottom right) and leads to a homogenous mixing result in seconds.

The BENEFITS compared with traditional hand
mixing are: The mixing is done in seconds
and creates a homogenous reproducible
result one after the other. By mixing directly
in the container there is no cross
through a mixing shaft and
there is no need for time consuming clean-up
of equipment. The shallow vortex eliminates additional air entrapment during mixing. Furthermore, the process runs at low noise.